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Дана вакансія втратила актуальність 16 Травня 2020 р.
Дані наведені виключно в ознайомлювальних цілях. Контактна інформація прихована та допоміжні функції вимкнені


Sales Representative AgroHoldings (contracted position)

за домовленістю

Компанія: Bayer Ltd. / Байер, ООО
Контактна особа: Секретар
Місто (регіон): Івано-Франківськ

Основна інформація:

Bayer Ltd, a leading multinational company, is opening a position of Sales Representative AgroHoldings (contracted position) Major tasks and responsibilities: Sales plan and delivery To ensure delivery and implementation of forecasted results according to sales plan for the defined KA building strategic long term relationships and promotion of products with KA customers (agro holdings) on defined geographical territory Generate demand at defined KA's farms and subsidiaries (negotiate terms, recommend and position products, get orders, process and follow-up the deals: align with respective distributor or direct sales) To closely follow up, actively share with corresponding functions, esp. marketing, and dynamically respond to opportunities, issues, market changes incl. competitor moves, adjusting tactics as required Provide sales support through technical assistance to AH farms and follow-up on logistical issues (regular & professional information flow; field visits; field check-up reports; quality assurance) Work permanently with KAM AH and AH farm level in terms of agronomic and commercial support, provide both AH farm with first class agronomic services for Seeds and CP Identificate and develop new business possibilities together with KAM head Acquire and collect market information, carry out (special) promotion companies for AH farms in the regions Organise and carry out workshops and training on Bayer Crop Science products at AH farm level, organise planed field days and demonstration trials Follow up the local development of competitors, distributors and customers, introduce motivative sales AH farms plan and development plan together with the Head of AH Advisory Representative Establish and maintain AH Farm account relationships, keep data base and reporting system as required Ensure management of customer product claims at AH farm level Qualifications: University degree Previous operational experience in customer facing positions Solid agricultural knowledge and understanding of local market environment Strong customer focus and strategic mindset Highly developed organizational skills; attention to procedure and detail; a proven ability to deliver results in a multi-disciplinary, team-based working environment; ability to negotiate at high levels and excellent presentation skills Customer Focus Drives Result Plan and Align Manage Complexity BAYER offers a highly dynamic work environment within an ambitious and experienced team. Flexibility and freedom of work are as well important to us as accountability for our actions and commitment to success. If you are the person that fulfills the requirements above, please send your CV in English to e-mail: Отправить резюме Sending your CV to the mentioned E-mail you agree for the processing and usage of your personal data in accordance with the Rules of Confidentiality Please, note that only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Строк вакансії збіг. Контакти приховані

Дана вакансія втратила актуальність 16 Травня 2020 р.
Дані наведені виключно в ознайомлювальних цілях. Контактна інформація прихована та допоміжні функції вимкнені



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